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Episode 69: college reaction time and girls sections are here!

Al and Josh cover a bunch of college results and debates about everything from reaction time rules to neck brace safety and beyond and then dive in to some girls post season talk!   Josh answers a call on speakerphone during recording that turned out to be entertaining and insightful

Episode 68: Battle of the Burgs & high school recap!

Al and Josh cover the Battle of the Burgs and then Josh avoids Al’s question about a big wrestling dual last Thursday for as long as he can before we finally get to it, covering lots of high school wrestling in the mean time!

Episode 63: we fix college ducking and talk all sorts of high school results

Al and Josh cover some recent college results and share exactly how to fix the ducking problem in college wrestling and then move on to covering Athena, Blue Ox, Redwood Riot, Jackhammer, XMAS and more!

Episode 62: XMAS tourney preview + history and a quick Auggie recap

Al and Josh touch on some college wrestling before diving in on the Minnesota Christmas Tournament preview, it looks to be another incredible tournament with national ranking implications and with all of the top 10+ AAA teams in Minnesota involved this will sort out a lot there as well!