Episode 38: post season info!

In Episode 38 Al and Josh share all of the current information about how the post season is going to happen and go over some interesting results and under the radar wrestlers and teams. We share how we are handling the scoring overlays for live streaming and Josh drops another “Josh” idea on Al at the end of the show

Episode 36: MN wrestling is back!

Al and Josh spend some time talking about the latest MSHSL guidelines and rules for the upcoming season including spectators, weighing in and skins checks, handshakes vs fist bumps, weight allowance and minimum weigh ins and other topics and then we talk a little actual wrestling and run through team rankings in all three classes!

Episode 33: Super 32 recap

Minnesota sent a bunch of hammers to Super 32 and came home with more hardware than ever before, if you enjoyed the tournament listen to our recap, if you’re not sure what to think of the level of competition at the tournament or wondering why your favorite stud didn’t do as well as you thought they should definitely listen in!

Episode 32: Let them Wrestle MN!

We got Skip Toops on the horn and talked about the “let them wrestle” movement he’s been instrumental in driving. If there’s any chance you’ll need to debate the safety of wrestling listen to what Skip has to say on this podcast as well as on the @letthemwrestle twitter page and “Let them Wrestle MN” facebook group!

Episode 31-2: let them play

Everyone knows the MSHSL delayed football and volleyball to a new spring season and there is a large push for them to reconsider. Hear from a couple of people who took the challenge head on and are actively fighting to help get sports happening again in Minnesota high schools including one of the 3 parties involved with an ongoing lawsuit aimed at getting the MSHSL to reconsider allowing fall football and volleyball.

Let your MSHSL reps, ADs and Superintendents know you are in favor of a return to safe sports in your high school!