Episode 76: folkstyle season recap!

Al and Josh get together and talk about the DI, DII and DIII national tournaments to wrap up the 2023-2024 folkstyle season.  They cover the actual wrestling, host cities, academic awards and more and as always they wander off on tangents including discussing a prestigious award they recently received!

Episode 69: college reaction time and girls sections are here!

Al and Josh cover a bunch of college results and debates about everything from reaction time rules to neck brace safety and beyond and then dive in to some girls post season talk!   Josh answers a call on speakerphone during recording that turned out to be entertaining and insightful

Episode 68: Battle of the Burgs & high school recap!

Al and Josh cover the Battle of the Burgs and then Josh avoids Al’s question about a big wrestling dual last Thursday for as long as he can before we finally get to it, covering lots of high school wrestling in the mean time!