Monthly Archives: March 2019

Episode 11: NCAA super show preview part 1!

We have special guest Mack Reiter in studio 2 and have a marathon super show about the D1 NCAA Tournament preview!  In part 1 we cover the first half of the weight classes, throw out a bunch of fun facts and matches to watch and while we of course focus on kids with a Minnesota connection we go all over the board.  It’s still family friendly but since it’s college focused we might be a little more loose with the commentary, part 2 with the second half of the weight classes will be coming tomorrow.

D2 & D3 results and a high school state tournament this weekend!

We talk about some Minnesota connection results for DII and DIII nationals results as well as talk about an upcoming state tournament with some surprise Al and Josh info related to it!

We talk just a little about Big 10s here in Minnesota and mention an awesome article about it from a non-wrestling attendee:

Set aside an hour or two next week before NCAAs as we are planning a super show preview including at least one special guest!

Episode 9: Big 10 wrestling tournament and a little MNUSA

In this episode we talk about the Big 10 wrestling tournament right here at Williams arena in Minnesota!  We discuss seeding and NCAA allocation processes and touch on wrestlers with Minnesota connections and what their draws look like according to pre-seeds.  We also give a quick idea of what to expect if you’re attending MNUSA state in Rochester this weekend.